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Why Jet Fans are Better

I hate noisy, rattling and loud attic fans. That's why I made the Jet Fan!

I hate noisy, rattling and loud attic fans. That’s why I made the Jet Fan!

Let’s talk about attic fans.

Question: Why are Jet Fans better than other fans on the market?

Answer: Well you know Lisa that’s a good question. The attic fan concept has been proven over years of use on roof tops throughout the country. Having said that, I believe that largely attic fans have not been given the attention they deserve. It seems like the establishment is pretty much just overlooked this valuable concept and not really taking it seriously. Let me try to state the problem than an attic fan solves. Generally speaking most houses have a sloped roof to shed water and have level and flat horizontal ceilings underneath this which leaves a triangle of airspace above the ceiling that’s not heated in the winter and it’s not cooled to the summer. This space can get a 150° because of the sun beating on the roof which gets up to 200°. This heat backs up into the homes upstairs rooms causing the air-conditioning to run more and making the upstairs substantially warmer than downstairs. During the winter, attic spaces are cold. Houses have a layer of insulation on the ceiling which keeps heat in the house and out of the attic. In addition to the insulation there’s a vapor barrier which stops vapor from getting into the attic. But sometimes houses don’t have vapor barriers or there’s tiny gaps in the electrical lighting that could allow some warm relatively humid air to escape up into the attic. Water vapor is actually lighter than air because of the hydrogen molecule in it. We all know that heat rises, now we know this humid air rises too. If this hot humid air gets into your cold attic during the winter, the vapor condenses on the cold wood forming frost or dampness. You can see stains around the nail points on your roof decking you may find rust on some of the metal electrical pipes that go through your attic and if this problem is allowed to continue you can find mold and mildew and rot growing in an attic. So an attic fan can be used year-round to cool during the summer and to keep the space dry during the winter. There is just no other way to get that much air in and out of your attic without a fan. There are other types of ventilation like the mushroom style little box looking roof vents, there are louvered wall vents, soffit or under eave vents which all help; but if you put enough of these in to try to emulate the effectiveness of an attic fan, you would also get rain and snow blowing through the vents into your attic because it would take a massive amount of static venting to equal the effectiveness of an attic fan. So the good thing about an attic fan, is that you can generate a massive amount of air flow without leaving your attic exposed to a massive amount of precipitation. And that is the challenge which has been met by using attic fans. You want as much ventilation with dry and cool air while stopping the infiltration of precipitation. I said all that to say this; the concept is worth investing in. The attic fans that are generally available from stores and electrical supply houses are temporary at best. They are loud and unreliable. While roofing is being made to last 40 or up to 50 years these temporary attic fans can deteriorate in 5 to 10 years and the motors only last around 2 to 5 years. A Jet Fan is made with a thick aluminum housing that will never rust or deteriorate. The motor will last up to 15 years even if you never oil it. The motor uses exactly half the electricity of other attic fan motors while producing more horsepower thereby moving more hot  humid air out of your attic per watt compared to other attic fans.

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