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Cheap Plastic Attic Fan Blown-Up by Lightning”

Cheap Attic Fan versus Lightning – Lightning wins
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   Better Attic Fan

You can enjoy cooler temperatures inside, without feeding the greedy electric company tons of your hard-earned cash. In fact according to the Home Ventilation Institute you can save up to 30% on 747_pictureyour cooling bill with an attic fan. The fan stops heat from backing up into your rooms below the attic. If you are not planning to move anytime soon my Jet Fan professional quality roof top fan will be a better value for you in the long run. The all American custom made electric motor that is exactly two times more efficient than the motors of the mass produced attic fans with cheap foreign parts. If you ever do decide to move, your buyers home inspector will find that your Jet Fan is still working and looking good and not all rusted or jammed up with an animal nest like I have experienced with other attic fans. So you won’t have to replace it to sell your house or worse, lose the sale! With a Jet Fan there will not be any bone-crunching grinding noise coming from your jet fans family hero flipped 3attic either. Noise like you’d experience with attic fans from the local “big mart”, roofing or electrical supply company because Jet Fans precision motor really is quieter. Jet Fans thicker aluminum dome and wider aluminum base flashing are lasting longer than your roof and will never leak or rust. You’ll be your families hero when you get a Jet Fan Installed!

The Specs – My All American Made Jet Fan Model 727 Roof-Top Attic Ventilator:

Quietly removes 1200 (CFM) cubic feet of hot air-flow from your attic every minute
Covers an attic up to 2000 square feet
Heavy gauge dome cover, keeps rain and snow out and only stands 9 inches high to the top so it will not show from the front of your homes roof. (spun aluminum dome is .040″ thick (twice as thick as other fans dome metal) so it won’t rust or blow off
Stainless steel dome bolts with sealing washers that will never leak or rust
Wider base flashing is 24 inches by 24 inches; larger than other mid–size fan flashings because it is designed to cover any roof damage from previous attic fan installations and fit right in with your homes shingles so water runs right off with very little caulk if any. This flashing will last longer than your next three roofs and won’t burden the environment by adding debris to our landfills.
Extra heavy duty screen is guaranteed to stop pests from getting into your attic or building a nest on top of the motor stopping it and creating a fire hazard
Snap-action thermostat is American made so it will last the life of the fan itself, and it’s accurate and adjustable so the Jet Fan goes on and off positively, reliably, all by itself. I recommend you set it to shut off at 90 degrees F.
Only Jet Fan has a firestat which automatically shuts the fan off in the event of a home fire, so it is safer than other attic fans which would come on and continue to fan the flames endangering you and your family

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High efficiency motor features:

Thermal overload protection so it will never over-heat
Capacitor for positive start up while only using half the power to run
Sleeve bearings are longer lasting in hot environments and are quieter and while they can be oiled for longer life, if it’s too difficult to reach from the roof or attic, it will still last over ten years even if you never oil it and it’s easily replaced. If you actually do oil it yearly, it will last up to 30 years like other motors I have seen from our American custom motor making company

747 at elmers small file-1

120 volts, normal standard voltage
Only 1.7 amps
204 Watts, exactly ½ the wattage of other fans of equal air-flow
1/8 Horsepower
1050 rpm

No Other Attic Fan has All of these Benefits

This Model 727 is my middle sized attic fan and it uses only half the energy of other fans. If other “big mart” attic fans cost 50 cents per day to run, my Jet Fan will only use 25 cents a day and still move the same amount of air. My Jet Fan will save you hundreds of dollars over the next ten years when compared to other fans electrical demands, let alone the cost to replace them.

If you live any where  in the Chicago Area; call Debbie to get a Jet Fan installed: 630-834-9165 leave a long detailed message and she will call you back to answer your questions and give you an exact guaranteed quote over the phone.

Print out these two pdf’s so you can show your friends…

Jet Fan Attic Fans comparison sheet

Jet Fan Info 2017

Jet Fan Man goes to Great Heights for You!
Jet Fan Man goes to Great Heights for You!
See more about the Jet Fans at: AtticFans.com
Don’t want to wait for Debbie to call you back?  Get a price and give a deposit online. 

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